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The Seven Principles of Success

1. The Nature of Life is to Grow.

Growth is the ability to change towards higher levels in response to demands.


When a living system ceases to adapt and grow, it ceases ó it stagnates and dies. This is true from a single cell organism to a human being to a corporation.


Encourage growth, improvement, and involvement everywhere and always.


Everyone and every system needs to have an opportunity to grow.


Create careers, not jobs.


Allow your employees to see how they can grow into greater opportunities. Then they see the value of mastering what they are doing as it becomes a building block for their future.


If work is just a job, they donít necessarily own it. If they see it as a career, they take greater ownership and are more attentive.


Create careers not jobs. Create levels of achievement within any work group. Give people somewhere to go, something to aspire to. Create new experiences. Give new learning opportunities.



2. What You Put Your Attention on Grows Stronger.

Focus on what you want to create - delighted customers and employees who love their work and do it well.


Don't waste time, thoughts, or feelings on anything else.



3. A Body in Motion Tends to Stay in Motion.

Create good patterns. Internally (personally), and externally (with your team).


Keep your thinking clear and focused on what you want to create.


Establish customer service, employee training, and marketing systems.



4. The Principle of the Second Element.

You cannot change a situation with the same level of thinking that created it.


Step out of the work to look at the way you are doing the work.


Individuals and teams need to stop and evaluate their systems and outcomes. Look for smarter and better ways.



5. Profit is the By-product of Fulfillment.

You give to receive. Find great satisfaction in developing your employees.


Profit is the by-product when your services and products fulfill the wants and needs of customers.


Profit is the by-product when your employees are fulfilled by their work experience.


Let your employees find satisfaction in being part of a collective effort which benefits themselves as well as others.


Profit is the by-product when your business runs in such a way that it creates opportunities and satisfaction for yourself and others.



6. Inner is the Basis of Outer.

Everything happens inside first.


The way we treat ourselves is the basis of how we treat others. Successful business owners treat themselves and others with respect and pay attention to their thinking as they know it influences their behavior.


Successful business owners develop and maintain an internal map of where they are and where they are going.



7. The Whole is More Than the Sum of the Parts.

Be attentive to the bigger picture.


Success requires integrating individuals into groups, and groups into greater groups so that they add value to each other.




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