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About the Center for Small Business Success

Levels of Success

The Center for Small Business Success builds success on many levels.


Success means the customers are not only loyal, but enthusiastic.


Success means that employees want to be at work, that they find satisfaction and fulfillment from being at their place of employment.


Success for the owner means that he or she is happy in both the pocket and the soul, that the business has far more than monetary value. Success means that when we call the mayor of your community and ask about your business, that the mayor says, "Yes we know them, they do great things for everybody."


Business: the natural phenomenon

We see business as a natural phenomenon. Just like seeds grow plants that produce fruits, in our view businesses take ideas and organize processes that produce products and services for people to enjoy.


The purpose of any business is to improve the quality of life for all involved. The process of producing a good should be as valuable as the good itself. In other words, work should be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience that benefits employees and improves the lives of customers.


Itís our job to help owners and CEOs create great workplaces. Unlike many consultants, we start with creating a vision. We help you crystalize your thinking and develop the blueprints for progress.


We teach fundamental operating principles that apply to business and to life. We provide coaching that gives new understandings and deeper insights for enabling desired change. We help your people set goals and establish priorities that are consistent with the vision. Where necessary, we assist with implementation so that the desired changes become status quo.


Secrets of Success Uncovered

We have researched remarkably successful small businesses and learned their secrets.


We found a car repair shop in a small town that keeps 8 service bays full 50 hours a week, 52 weeks a year. We found a bank in Western Iowa that has over 2700 customers in a town of 1800. We discovered a health food store in a town of 10,000 that does over $6 million in annual sales, despite the local presence of a Hy-Vee and Econo-foods. In all of the businesses studied, turnover is almost none existent or extremely low relative to the industry.


In 1997, we filmed the story of a beauty salon outside of Cleveland that, after 5 years of business, had over 3,500 regular customers. Their customer enthusiasm was and is so high, that they get over 1000 new customers each month, mostly from referrals. Today, seven years after our filming, they have four locations that regularly service over 40,000 customers. That is not a misprint. They have now over 40,000 regular customers.


Share the Wisdom

In our work, we share the insights, the lessons and the stories of these businesses to benefit our clients.


We explain the core principles that guide their behaviors and do everything we can to help our clients manifest their vision of greatness.


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