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The Inner Dimension of Leadership


The fundamental premise of this course is that the way we manage and lead ourselves is the most direct influence on the way we manage and treat others.


Thus, leading ourselves is the first step in leading others.


At the basis of leading ourselves is self-knowledge, recognizing who we are and who we can be. In terms of leadership, self-knowledge gives rise to two essential components: vision and judgement.


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What you'll get:

Core Content

1. Create a group of personalized case studies of our individual problem situations filled with suggestions and new ideas.


2. Mission plan for our group and our position.


3. The knowledge and experience of how to create a consensus mission statement.


4. Personal mission statement for our own lives, with insights and plans for unifying our lives and our jobs.


5. Learn about personal and group covenants, how valuable they are, and how to build them.


Time Required

6 - 10 four hour sessions over several weeks.


Do you need this?

The Inner Dimension of Leadership program is customized to your needs.


The Desired Results of this program are:

Understanding of specific inner processes so that we are better able to develop, culture and practice them in our day to day experience of life.


Learn a series of principles and procedures which help us to create a work environment which nourishes the unfoldment and expression of inner values, not only in ourselves, but in those we manage as well.



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