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Critical Measures Program


You need to know the elements that are most critical for the sales and profitable operations of your company.


When you have identified those elements, you need to implement an on-going program of measuring them, so that future problems can be avoided before they arise.


What you'll do:

Core Content

1. Identify the critical elements relative to the customer and relative to operations.


2. Determine the highest priorities/greatest vulnerabilities.


3. Create measures for those areas.


4. Systematize, document and standardize core processes.


5. Implement measuring processes.


6. Get feedback, review and improve.


Time Required

3 two hour sessions over 1 - 2 weeks.


Do you need this?

The Critical Measures program is customized to your needs.


The Desired Results of this program are:

• Standardization and improvement of processes.


• Increased awareness throughout the business on creating customer satisfaction.


• Implementation of systems for measuring critical areas.


• Improved customer retention.


• Improved corporate stability.


• Easier and improved decision making based on useful data.


• Having your fingers on the pulse of the business.


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