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Employee Experience Cycle Design


Employee turnover costs businesses billions of dollars.


Create a workplace that employees rave about through creating careers not jobs!


With this course you learn to proactively create a work experience that is consistent with the values, mission and expectations of the company.


What you'll do:

Core Content

1. Explain the concept of employee experience.


2. Review and analyze an outstanding example of the entire employee experience cycle.


3. Review, outline and analyze the employee experience of the companies participating in the program.


4. Determine potential areas of improvement for each company.


5. Choose priorities and create an action plan.


6. Implement, get feedback, review and adjust.


Time Required

2 two hour sessions in one week.


Do you need this?

The Employee Experience Cycle program is customized to your needs.


The Desired Results of this program are:

Greater sensitivity to the employee experience.


Increased employee satisfaction.


Decreased employee turnover.


Improved morale.


Increased productivity.


Greater use of employee knowledge.


Let us assist you in organinzng and implementing these improvements!

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