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Building a Team


Business is a collective effort. Team building is laying the foundation for a group of people to work together coherently.


Build a coherently performing team where every individual feels fulfilled!


With this course you learn to use vision, values, and mission to motivate outstanding individual and team performance.


What you'll get:

Core Content

1. Authentic discussion around core issues of working together.


2. Discussion of the importance of having a vision, clear values and a defined purpose.


3. Discussion on the importance of knowing the company purpose (mission): What do we do to improve the quality of life?


4. Each group drafts a vision of what it wants to create.


5. Each group discusses how they want to treat one another while working together and then give those values written expression.


6. An action plan is created so that all of the above documents are reviewed and discussed with key employees.


Time Required

3 two hour sessions over 1 - 2 weeks.


Do you need this?

The Building a Team program is customized to your needs.


The Desired Results of this program are:

People getting to know one another as people.


Learning what it takes to respect and trust one another.


Learning what it takes to be supportive and considerate of one another.


Concise written expressions that state the core values and purpose of the collective efforts.


Collective agreements that serve as the basis, or constitution, of the company's efforts.


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