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Lessons From Extraordinary Small Businesses and How to Apply Them


Have you ever looked and wondered how some companies grow huge from humble beginings?


We have researched extraordinary small businesses and learned their secrets. Now is your turn to learn them!


With this course you learn to see and implement the key practices from successful businesses.


What you'll do:

Core Content

1. Review of each of the key practices.


2. Brainstorm applications to our businesses.


3. Determine greatest needs.


4. Choose priorities.


5. Create an action plan.


6. Implement, get feedback, review and adjust.


Time Required

4 two hour sessions over 2 weeks.


Do you need this?

The Lessons From Extraordinary Small Businesses program is customized to your needs.


The Desired Results of this program are:

Standardization and improvement of processes.


A broadening of the perspective and understanding of successful business.


Use of the success of others to move ahead quickly.


This program produces a rapid evolution of effective core processes.


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