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Do you know what "World Class Customer Service" is?

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About Michael David Blitz

Michael is first and foremost a seeker of knowledge. He loves to learn and he loves to teach. His undergraduate and graduate work are in education. He has over 10,000 hours teaching in the adult classroom.


His programs cover leadership, quality, customer service, team building and critical measures. His material has been presented to managers from over 200 Iowa companies.


In-house programs have been offered at over 60 companies including some of the big companies like MCI, DowElanco, Donnelly Marketing, Wells Fargo, Motorola, Pella, and Sauer-Danfoss as well as at some of the more local companies like Northwest Federal Savings Bank, Megacards, ATI Global, Hawthorne Direct, Iowa Fluid Power, and West Music Company.


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