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Do you know what "World Class Customer Service" is?

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Michael D. Blitz, President of the Center for Small Business Success

At the Center For Small Business Success our job is to help you apply the insights, lessons and the strengths of extraordinary businesses to benefit your organization.


We help owners and CEOs create great workplaces.


Our coaching provides new understandings and deeper insights to bring about the desired change.

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Featured Solutions:

Two New Courses Announced!

The first course is titled:

Turning Good Managers into Great Ones


The purpose of this program is to help managers and leaders become great at what they do. If they are doing their jobs well, then they are taking the necessary actions that allow their team members to excel and find great satisfaction at work.


The key to this program is helping a manager recognize that her/his customers are the members of the team. The most important “job” of the manager is to serve these customers by helping them do their jobs well. Thus the manager exemplifies an element of service to the employees who are in turn to provide service to their customers.


There are very specific responsibilities, human, strategic and tactical, that the manager must fulfill. This program deals with these in a very consistent and straightforward manner.


The second course is titled:

Developing World Class Customer Service


The purpose of this course is to create world-class customer service throughout the company.


This program is based on the lessons in Secret Service, by John DiJulius and from over 8 years of working with John and studying his methods.


John and his wife started a beauty salon in suburban Cleveland in 1993 with 200 regular customers. Today, they have over 40,000 regular customers in three salons. That’s over 3,000 haircuts each week, all performed in such a way that their customers keep coming back, again and again, year after year.


He has become the Ritz-Carlton of the salon industry and his insights and practices are used by many businesses. (He recently was the keynote speaker for employees at Ritz-Carlton.) This course applies the core practices that he has developed.